Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What I'm Currently Reading

If we're friends on Goodreads then you know that I'm "currently reading" four books. Except that's not completely true, I'm actively reading two books right now and I have two more that I started and have left on my nightstand for sometime in the future. The last book I finished "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian" and the book I'm currently reading to and from work, "Let The Great World Spin" are not happy books. They are what I consider bummer books because they make me feel like Eeyore with a rain cloud over my head. Don't get me wrong, they are really well-written stories and absolutely worth reading, but "Let The Great World Spin" covers topics like drugs, prostitution, loss of self, loss of faith, loss of life, dealing with trauma - not light stuff. So at night I've been ever-so-slowly reading Lauren Oliver's "Panic", which isn't a happy book either, but she's one of my favorite YA authors so naturally I love the book from the first word. I am spreading it out like Sam and Frodo had to ration the lembas bread while hiking through Mordor. (Was that reference too nerdy for you?) I need to make it last because I don't know when she'll publish another book.

I decided to crack Panic's binding last week knowing that I really should turn the lights off in half an hour. It was stupid. Like I was really only going to read ten pages and call it a night? Let's be real.

So I opened it and got caught up in reading and then hit the hay much later than intended and when I woke up this had happened...

My reaction to that?

I was internally squeeing for a full day.

I almost read last night but I knew that if I picked up the book I'd probably finish it and I. Just. Don't. Want. It. To. End. So I might pick it up tonight or I might wait until the weekend and burrow under my covers when I'm done, pretending that I won't have to wait another year or so for Oliver to publish another book. 

Happy Reading!

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  1. There is no better feeling than being tweeted by someone you are obsessed with. So awesome!


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