Friday, April 4, 2014

A Change In The Weather

Last night I came home to find my new bindings had been delivered. I played around with them for a bit, even put a boot on to make sure they fit together and then I stared at my boards which will not get used again until next December. Boo. I also realize, with big toys like these, that my 375 square foot apartment is really quite small.

But even though I won't be using my new gear for another nine months, at least Beans really enjoyed having a new box to play with.

So the weather in Beantown is changing. It's sunny almost everyday and it's still cold but you just know that warmth is around the corner. A few more weeks and I won't be wearing a coat anymore (fingers crossed). So in honor of the nice weather I thought I'd compile a list of things to enjoy in the sun.

Outdoor Dining.
There are so many good places in and around the city to visit during the Spring/Summer months. Cafeteria on Newbury Street is a favorite. So is Towne over by the Hynes Convention Center. Sam's at Louie (maybe one of the best views of the city). Sitting outside enjoying the sun, the breeze, good food and friends - is there anything better? Which brings me to my next thought... LOBSTAH. (Ok, so I don't actually have a Boston accent. My mother made sure my sister and I enunciated our words growing up. But I can slip into it easily enough.) Lobster isn't a Summer specific food but for some reason I associate it with warm weather. I had a lobster slider last night that made me go cross-eyed, it was that good. Buttered brioche, lobster salad with mayo and tarragon... holy potatoes was that a delectable three bites. (Visit COOK in Newton to get the one pictured below.)

But back to outdoor eating - BBQ's with friends, meeting up for brunch outside, drinks after work - I'm getting excited just thinking about it all! And on the weekend, after hours of surfing and working on my wetsuit tan (horrible) I love nothing more than stopping by my secret spot for a burrito and some people watching (and also trying to brush all the sand off my feet before I climb in my car). 

Last year I bought my first board, turned an acquaintance into a great friend and spent nearly every weekend in the water. I won't say I'm good, because it's not true, but I'm trying and I had so much fun in the process. I also worked on my fear of sharks, though having that fleshy whateveritwas brush against me that one day DID NOT HELP. But I still have all my appendages so we're all good. This year I won't have my surf buddy to laugh with after each wipeout, but I'm hoping to convert some other friends into ocean lovers. It's a challenge I'm excited to take on. 

What else is there to love about New England in the Summer? Walking through The Garden when the flowers are in bloom. Watching the swan boats. Fourth of July fireworks on the Charles. Walking around Walden Pond. Hiking in New Hampshire. Trips to the beach. Firepits in the backyard and roasting marshmallows. How happy all Bostonians are. Sleeping with the window open and hearing the birds. The sun.

I suppose most of these things can be done in any city, but I really love Boston when the weather is nice. There's just something about this city... Boston, I love you so.



  1. I'm so excited about this summer! Bring on the SPF 50!

  2. This just got me so pumped to spend every weekend doing all of the above! Bring on the beach, the BBQs, the outdoor dining and the open toed shoes!


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