Monday, April 14, 2014

A Beautiful Spring Weekend

So many little things this weekend added up to me being so happy.

  • The surf buddy was in town
  • The sun was out
  • Dunkin Donuts coffee
  • Driving to the beach with the windows down
  • Feeling the sun on my face, sand beneath my toes
  • Finding the most comfortable sweatshirt on the 50% off rack
  • Catching a wave
  • Sleeping in late
  • Seeing a really awesome tweet... x2

The surf buddy was only in town for the weekend before heading back to Denver but we managed to fit in a trip up to the beach. She's the kind of friend who knows what I'm thinking from a look, often has the same thoughts as me, and she also challenges me. She convinced me in March that I was capable of black diamond runs when I didn't think I could. She was totally right, too. So when she suggested surfing IN APRIL I didn't even hesitate. So what if the water is in the 30's? I'm no wimp! (Ok, maybe I am...)

Last year our first surf day was at the end of May. That's more than a month's time for the Atlantic to warm up. When I tell you the water was cold... cold isn't even the right word. Our wetsuits and booties actually kept us fairly warm. It was the fact that neither or us wore gloves that was the problem. The two surfers closest to us were wearing gloves and hoods and kept looking at us like we were off our rockers. We didn't care and we laughed the entire time. So what if our hands were red, raw and numb so long as we caught waves? 

Sunday I slept in and it was amazing. After thirteen hours of sleep I rolled over and saw notifications on my phone so I scrolled through and saw this...

Ever since I discovered Cary's blog I have wanted her to read "I Want To Hold Your Hand". I had a feeling, from the books she reads and the shows she tweets about, that she would enjoy reading it, so I was thrilled when she agreed to read/review it. So fueled by the remnants of Vitamin D from the day before and knowing that someone else loved my book I spent all of yesterday in bed working on my next book. Le Bug was a big help as you can see below. 

 I don't even care that a cold front is moving back into New England for the next few days because I've had a taste of Spring/Summer and I know it's coming.

Oh and I finished Lauren Oliver's "Panic" and it was just as good as her other books, all of which I loved. Here's hoping we don't have to wait too long for her next book!

Happy Reading!


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  1. First, I want you to retitle this post, "An Ode to Melissa" and second, how AWESOME about Cary's praise for your book! Bravo!


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