Thursday, January 16, 2014

Food: Do You Really Know What You're Ingesting

I was out to dinner last night with my oldest friend and we naturally started talking about our small hometown, farming, recipes and farm shares. She has managed to keep a small garden in the city, which is pretty amazing. I had some of her vegetables last summer and they were fresh and delicious and knowing that there were no GMO's or pesticides on them, made them taste better.

The conversation led to the video you see below, which I watched when I got home and then felt horrified. How is it legal for the grocery stores to sell produce without disclosing that they are soaked in Bud Nip? My obsession with sweet potatoes of course now has me worried because I don't buy organic regularly, I typically just grab from the bins in the center of the produce section.

I was already taking an interest in what I ingest, hence why I stopped eating factory farmed meat, but now I feel like I have to be even more diligent and perhaps start hitting up the local farmer's markets around the city instead of just running to the major super market around the corner.

As an aside, that girl is adorable and good for her for making the results of her science project public. In middle school I did my science project on photosynthesis and it wasn't even remotely as interesting or cool as what she discovered, so golf claps to her!

If you're interested in reading material that delves into the food on store shelves, might I suggest checking out Jonathan Safran Foer's EATING ANIMALS. It's eye-opening and I'm so thankful that he wrote it so I could become aware of how food goes from on a farm to supermarket shelves to my belly and also (maybe more importantly) how it affects the environment and our bodies.

Happy Reading (and eating)!

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