Thursday, September 12, 2013

So This Coffee Problem...

So my coffee comsumption this week, for me, is bad. Hence why it's after 11, there's a perfectly good rain storm happening outside that would normally knock me right out, there's a cat ready to cuddle on the bed and I'm sitting here buzzing and wondering why I can't turn off my darn brain and go to sleep.

I am tired. I yawn all day (except between the first sip of Dunks and the last), heck, I'm yawning now. But... I shouldn't blame the coffee. It's this series I started writing last week. It's like I have a child pulling on the hem of my shirt. "Mum, let's think about that chapter you were writing last night. Hey Mum, wouldn't it be good if we worked out the dialogue for that other scene? Mum, let's start thinking about that devastatingly handsome character that pops up in book two." It's exhausting. I sit at my computer at work, doing boring ole work, gchatting with friends, answering the phone, listening on some level to whatever is on the TV on the wall, and that voice is still chattering on about this series, which I cannot work on until I get home at night.

Is the coffee helping? Or just making things worse? The jury is still out on that. Anywho, I am currently unable to sleep, still thinking about THE SPECTACULAR NOW which I saw earlier tonight (Miles Teller... where did you come from???) and after checking my book sales, Instagram, email, Words With Friends (unnecessary things that aren't helping me fall asleep any) I stumbled upon THE MOST AMAZING BLOG POST. Which I have to share with you.

So while I'm still awake and now counting the hours until I have to get back up and go to work (is it Friday yet?) at least I giggled some. Ok fine, maybe I giggled a lot. So here is that blog post. Beth... amazing. Serious kudos to you.

Now about that pitter patter of rain...

PS. I called my mother yesterday to discuss the casting of Claire and I read her the tweet Sam sent to Caitriona (Ahh, there ye are Sassenach.). The phone was silent for a second and then I heard distinct sniffles. "Mum... are you... crying?" More pronounced sniffling followed, like, I'm pretty sure she was full out crying at home. "I'm just... it's Jamie and Claire!"

Spring 2014... we are SO ready for you.

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