Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Movie About Teens, But Are They For Teens?

Last week I saw THE SPECTACULAR NOW and was blown away by Miles Teller. I had seen him in the latest reboot of FOOTLOOSE and remembered him as the goofy sidekick, but man, he brought his A game when portraying Sutter Keeley. It was heartbreaking to see him spiral downward throughout the movie (or maybe he was already at the bottom and seeing his life only in his senior year of high school made me think he couldn't already be at the bottom?). Please let him get some sort of accolade for this role because he deserves it.

My friend Kaitlin of "We Are The Tide" has a great post on current movies about teens, for teens, but maybe not viewed by teens. Check it out here. She makes a great point that while these movies are about teens and should be directed at teens I don't know that teens are actually seeing them. I saw both THE SPECTACULAR NOW and PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER and was one of the youngest people in the theatre, and I'm far from being a teenager.

Have you read/watched any of these books/movies? Would you recommend them to your teenager?


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