Sunday, September 22, 2013

Guest Post: Back to School on the Brain

Continuing what I hope to be a monthly installment from Molly Galler of Pop.Bop.Shop...

Whether it’s your first day of kindergarten or you’re a grown up headed into work, the month of September always signifies back to school. Some of the best books I’ve read are set in a school or pieced together with flashbacks to high school and college. With that in mind, I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorites in honor of this wonderful time of year.

Let’s start in high school. If you’ve never read The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, now is the time. This tale of misfit Charlie is one of the best, most authentic tales from those formative teenage years. We’ve all felt strange and weird and longingly stared at the cool kids wanting to be a part of their exclusive circle.  This book brings you right back to those hallways.

Now you’ve graduated onto college and you need to read Ben Mezrich’s page-turner Bringing Down the House. Those of you have seen the movie 21 should know this book came first and is light years better. When I read the book back in college I finished it over one night and the following morning. I was gripped with every page as I learned the story of Kevin, a young MIT student brought into an underground card counting scam. Your heart will pound every time Kevin saddles up to a new table in a Vegas casino, praying he doesn’t get caught.

Once you’ve completed your college degree, moved out on your own, and started working, you’ll begin to dread that invitation. You know the one I mean. The invite to your college reunion.  That’s when you pick up The Red Book by Deborah Copaken Kogan. The book centers around four women, best friends since freshman year of college, as they return to Harvard for their 20th reunion. The majority of the book is flashbacks to their four years together on campus, helping the reader to understand where they came from, how their friendship bonded them, and what’s become of them in the two decades since leaving the campus bubble. This one’s a bit of a fluff read, but sometimes you need something less heavy.

Those are my top three school-centric reads. What are yours?

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