Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fast Fingers

I'm overly stressed at work right now and shouldn't be writing a post when there is oh-so much in my inbox, so this will be quick.

One of my bff's, Olivia, was reading a chapter from the third book in the series I am currently writing. After I sent her the chapter last night I was reading through it and realized it was drowning in typos. Here are the issues...

1.) My coffee consumption is unhealthy for me and therefore my fingers are like little roadrunners.
2. ) I am writing until midnight, when I start feeling sleepy, so I'm not always 100% with it.
3.) I think (and speak) much quicker than I'm able to type. Last night while telling a story over the phone to my mum she made me stop talking and repeat everything I'd said in the last thirty seconds, which was quite a lot. I don't know if she's maybe losing some of her hearing (Mum, if you're reading this, I love you :) ) but she insists it's because I talk way too fast, especially when I get excited about something.

So I was apologizing to Olivia for all the errors she was about to come across when this happened...

me:  again, i apologize for so many typos
that's what happens when you type till midnight (and also just in general when your name is Stephyanie(
gog damnit!
i quit
 olivia:  HAHAHAHA

me:  bye
 olivia:  oh man
on fire
 me:  (soooo embarassed)

And I call myself a writer. Sheesh!

Ok, back to work. 

Happy Reading!

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