Monday, September 9, 2013

Dear Coffee, What On Earth Are You Doing To Me?

Coffee. Where do I begin? I should never have started drinking it. Truly. It affects me from the first sip. Starbucks, Dunks, it doesn't matter. It hits my lips and my body starts to buzz. And the effects can last for up to eight hours after I finish it. For that reason I have told myself numerous times to not drink it after noon or else...

Two weeks ago I wasn't paying attention at work and ended up sipping my coffee until 4pm. I clearly wasn't thinking and paid for it. I went to bed before eleven and proceeded to lay in bed awake until sometime after 1. Instead of the usual tossing and looking at the clock and thinking, "If I fall asleep right now I will only get 7, 6, 5 hours of sleep," (brutal) I started to day dream. And it was the best day dream of my entire life. It involved a trip across the pond, an immediate connection and the relationship that would follow. I played it out like a movie, complete with dialogue, outfits, everything. It was so glorious that I didn't even care that I was missing out on hours of my precious sleep. But the next morning, feeling particularly grumpy because 1.) I was exhausted, and 2.) amazing daydreams like that make reality seem rather boring, I swore off coffee. It lasted two days, but that's neither here nor there.

And then, on Friday, I had an idea. What if I finally started writing the Adult series that Molly has been asking me to write for nearly five years? And what if I made that beautiful daydream into a part of it? I got so excited about the idea of reliving that daydream by putting it to paper (or Word doc, as the case may be). So Friday night I started and continued on Saturday and it's so good. I might be biased but I have a feeling other people will enjoy too.

(Bug and Beans are under the impression that I work best when they are attached to me in some fashion.)

So it's started and it's going to take me a while because this is at least a three book series and the part I was working on is in the third book. So here I go. The wait will be worth it, I promise.

Happy Reading!

 This right here is the face of a kitty who was thrilled that my trip got postponed because she has ridiculous separation anxiety. And really cute paws.

Beans had to take a nap on Saturday - watching me write for an entire afternoon was exhausting.


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