Monday, August 12, 2013

The White Queen on Starz

Phillipa Gregory's THE WHITE QUEEN premiered (in the US) on Starz Saturday. I watched it once on Saturday and again on Sunday. I know how ridiculous that sounds, but I love the story of King Edward and Elizabeth Woodville.

England was at war - Lancaster versus York both trying to claim the throne. Henry (the Lancaster side) went mad and young Edward (York) won battle after battle assisted by his cousin Warwick (who was dubbed "The Kingmaker"). Henry fled into hiding and Edward stepped onto the throne. In a coup that no one in court expected, Edward fell in love with and secretly wed Elizabeth Grey (Maiden name Woodville) who was a widow with two young sons. She was no one of title and even worse (to the York court's mind) her family had fought on the Lancaster side of the war. This is why I love this story so much. In the 1400's marriages were made for betterment - sealing alliances between countries, appropriating wealth, ensuring loyalty. But Edward chose love, enfuriating his court (who had set to wed him to the French Princess to ensure an alliance), and Elizabeth. Sigh.

My coworker (the one who gave me WHEN CHRIST AND HIS SAINTS SLEPT as a birthday present) should truly be an English historian. I can ask any question about the monarchy back to the 1100's and she will know the answer. When I was reading THE WHITE QUEEN she gave me insider info. What intrugued me (and honestly bothered me) was not knowing the ending for sure.
Philippa Gregory took some creative license with how she chose to end the story. In truth, Edward and Elizabeth's sons, Richard and Edward, do not have definitive endings. There are various speculations about what happened to them, but I guess we never will know what really happened and that kills me, the not knowing.

If you have Starz you better be watching THE WHITE QUEEN. Rebecca Ferguson is already entrancing me as Elizabeth and Max Irons (King Edward) has not only captured Edward's young womanizer turned hopeless romantic beautifully, he's also quite handsome. But my favorite character is Janet McTeer who plays Elizabeth's mother Jacquetta Woodville.

I can't wait until the next episode!

Happy Reading!


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