Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Loathesome Black Jack Randall

More OUTLANDER news!!! Diana just posted on her Facebook page that Black Jack Randall has been cast and in an interesting casting choice they've decided to have Tobias Menzies also play Frank Randall. Very interesting decision.


Claire is married to Frank Randall in 1945. When she steps through the ring of stones in Scotland she is transported back to 1743 where she is forced to wed highlander Jamie Fraser (she does eventually fall in love with him). Their path crosses with Englishman Jonathan "Black Jack" Randall who is the nastiest character of any book I've read. He takes pleasure in torturing Jamie and I'm so wary of seeing that translated onto the small screen. The scene in the jail is so hard to even read...

Jack Randall (1743) is a relative of Frank (1945). Though described in the book as looking very similar (they are related after all), it's interesting to me that they've cast the same person to play both roles.

Now... we wait with baited breath to see who will land the (lucky) role of Claire. Gah!

Happy Reading!

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