Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bookshelf: John Green

I started "The Fault In Our Stars" last Thursday night and got immediately sucked in and wanted to read all through the night but knew I'd be a bear at work if I did that. I wasn't able to pick it up again until last night and then it was 10:30 and I was crying and knew that there was no way I could read the remainder of the book on the T. So I stayed up till midnight, hardly able to breathe, still sometimes laughing amidst the tears. There were a lot of tears. But by now you've read enough of my posts to realize that I cry easily so it should be no surprise that I spent nearly half this book in tears.

"The Fault In Our Stars" is a book about cancer. You should know that going in. But it's also funny, serious, light-hearted, sarcastic, brilliant, beautiful and heart-breaking. While cancer is the catalyst for Hazel and Augustus's relationship (they meet at a support group for kids with cancer), this story is about so much more. It's about their love of books and sharing those loves with each other, it's about trying to find something positive in most situations, it's about loving parents, falling in love and friendship. And I loved every word of it. Loved, loved, loved.

I want to read it again, but I'll have to wait a while. I started "Wool" this morning and after that I promised a coworker that I would read "When Christ and His Saints Slept". Both, BIG books. So there goes a month.

Happy reading!

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