Thursday, June 20, 2013

So Now I Have To Order Starz...

Yesterday I took the day off from work and went surfing. The waves were teeny weeny but we still had fun and I am extremely sore today. I am in desperate need of a tennis ball to lay on top of and roll around on like fiend. Perhaps one of my rubber band balls will have to suffice.

So the other day I happened upon this article and nearly peed my pants with excitement. OhmygodohmygodIcan'twait! April 2014! Eeek! My first thought was, shoot, now I have to order Starz. My second thought, when I started to panic slightly about how much that might increase my already expensive Comcast bill, was that The White Queen is also on Starz and therefore I'd really be paying for two shows so that makes it more economical. Sound reasoning (in my head, at least). Starz will be happening.

So then a heated discussion started between myself and a coworker on casting. The fans of Diana Gabaldon's series are passionate people. We have fallen madly in love with Claire and Jamie and therefore who they cast in those roles is very serious business. Also, I worry because there is a twenty year gap between the second and third book and I worry how that will translate to the screen. But I guess more than anything I am extremely excited to see one of my favorite stories on the small screen. James Alexander Malcolm McKenzie Fraser in a kilt on my tv! Eeek!

In writing news, I completed the editing last night on my new book "I Want To Hold Your Hand". It will be published tomorrow on Amazon. I had this weird moment as I read the last page where emotions overwhelmed me and I almost shed a tear. What I really wanted was to high five someone but aside from my cats there was no one in my apartment and I'm not close with my neighbors. But thankfully for technology Molly was able to high five me through the phone. Heyo!

So look for my book tomorrow! I sincerely hope you like it.


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