Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Love That Dirty Water...

I'll keep this short because I have been so inundated with news coverage that I think it's made me feel a bit foggy. I watched an episode of Ellen before bed Monday night, to take the edge off. She makes me laugh and laughter is good.

Today it's been beautiful sunny weather and temps in the 60's.  It's a gorgeous day in Boston. I went for a walk around the block with a coworker to elongate our Starbucks afternoon break. The sky is cloudless and beautifully blue. It is a perfect spring day, the kind of day you want to sit outside after work and have a drink at Cafeteria. Except that at the end of every few blocks you are likely to run into a couple of guys dressed in all black carrying automatic weapons. And, well, that's pretty jarring. My worker wanted to go into Crumbs Bakery and buy them cupcakes but then worried they wouldn't accept them under the circumstances and Crumbs is not cheap. So we benched that idea and kept on walking.

Here's the thing about Boston. Winters are effing cold here, so naturally we are a weathered, resilient bunch.   While we might cut you off on the highway if you're driving too slow, or honk at you when the light has turned green, a second has passed and you haven't hit the gas, we will also band together and help a stranger out in times of crises. Some looney might try to break us, but we'll get back up again and help the fallen person beside us. And we'll be stronger for it.

Bostonians are a proud bunch and we love our beautiful city (at least for half of the year) with a hearty passion. I've thought many times over the past few winters about leaving and heading somewhere sunny. But I never did and I don't think I ever could.  Boston, you're my home.

I leave you with my favorite picture of the city, taken from my favorite outside dining spot (no, I'm not telling you where!). I apologize for trying to make it artsy and flushing out the colors.



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