Monday, April 23, 2012

An Apology

I don't know what's with me lately. I haven't been writing at all. Emails and gchat don't count, though I wish they did. Then I wouldn't feel quite so lazy. I have been mulling over my latest writing idea for two months, and have written a total of three pages. It's not for lack of ideas. It's that life keeps getting in the way and I don't push it aside and make myself write. I've been babysitting the boys a lot. Little I. is now walking and talking, though I only understand about a quarter of what he says. He calls me Tephy because Stephanie is way too many syllables.
Also, there's my problem with tv... and my dvr... and Animal Planet. I accidentally on purpose recorded three weeks worth of Animal Cops Houston, much to my sister's annoyance. She's not as enthused about watching animals that have been in disgusting situations get rescued (although sadly a lot of the time they are too far gone and have to be euthanized).
There's also the gym, which doesn't get in the way too much, but enough that I can claim it as an excuse.
I went to visit my grandparents in South Carolina for a week, brought my laptop, and told myself I was seriously going to write (this was said in my head in a very stern voice). And then I got there and this happened...

What was I supposed to do? Ignore the 62 degree water, 80 degree air? Not likely, condsidering that Boston was currently 52 degrees. So I read and swam and repeated the process multiple times over three days. One day though it did cloud over and grow chilly as a storm front moved in so some writing did actually occur. Two whole pages worth.

This is Red. He helped keep me company while I wrote and stared at his cute little feet. Except, he's the opposite of little. He weighs at least twenty pounds. I felt like I was going to throw my back out every time I picked him up. Also, he's only two so he loves to play and chase and bite you (gently). In all honesty, I probably shouldn't have been poking at his belly so much but I had never seen a cat with a belly that big before.

Currently I'm reading George R.R. Martin's "Game of Thrones". A coworker saw the book on my desk recently and was so surprised that I was reading it. Clearly said coworker does not know me well because I love fantastical stuff in the realm of LOTR's. Princesses, Dragons, swords, dark forests, a female character who wants to be equal to the boys - it's the best stuff! So obviously I'm obsessed and enjoying the 807 page paperback version.

But really I should apologize to myself for hindering the writing that's swirling in my head. I should just get to it. Even if that means I don't watch tv for a night. I got dvr for a reason after all.

I can't start tonight though. Dinner plans.

Maybe tomorrow?


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