Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Totally Un-Book Related

This is not a book related post so if you were hoping for a review you have to wait a few more days. I have another 130 pages left in "Apart From The Crowd", which I love more and more each day. But on to that another time.

This is a post about troublemakers... of the four-legged variety. I live with two troublemakers: Bug and Beans (both girls). On a side note, I'm considering writing a children's book about them because everytime I babysit for Little E. he requests stories about them at bedtime. One night, for example, I did not know the correct lyrics to his requested lullaby and a tantrum ensued. Just when I was ready to throw up my hands in a Seinfeld-esque "Serenity now!" moment I paused, took a deep breath and said, "How about a Bug & Beans story?" You could have heard a pin drop, it got that quiet.

Anyways, their antics are usually small, like tearing the pompom off my winter hat to use as a toy or playing with my hair clips or tripping me as I walk up the stairs (Bug actually thinks it's a game). But yesterday morning I awoke with a start at 5am because Beans had knocked a vase of flowers off the kitchen counter. Luckily it was a porcelain vase and therefore I was able to get all the shards up fairly easily but there was also the matter of water spilled all across the floor and carpet... and the fact that I found myself awake two hours earlier than usual. Wouldn't you know, I wasn't able to fall back asleep after cleaning the mess up. Awesome.

Below you will find a short video I captured on my phone Friday at my mom's house. I apologize for the poor quality but it's a cell phone, what can you do? My mom has two furry friends, one of which (Lily) was a ferral cat prior to adoption and doesn't quite understand human boundaries. In the past few weeks she has broken my mother's favorite wine glass, a glass bowl, peed in a wicker basket and there was something else but I've forgotten it. She's a sweetheart, all antics aside, and one of the friendliest cats I've met. She was in heaven Friday night when my sister's new laptop arrived. Every cat owner knows boxes = gold.


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