Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Blog For You To Follow, If You Aren't Already

If you are not already following the wonderful Robby, you must. His blog is here. He makes me smile on a daily basis because of his support for my writing and also because he has the most random but hysterical thoughts. We are kindred spirits. And I adore him. He is also fifteen (I had a hard time believing that at first but it's true) and wise beyond his years. He's going to be someone someday. Just you watch.
He's currently reading "Loving Maribel", my second novel, because I wanted a teenager to tell me if it was crap. So far (although he's not finished) it seems like it's the opposite of crap. If both he and Molly say it's good then it must be, right? Even though they are both members of my two-person cheerleading team they wouldn't lie to me because 1.) they are honest people and 2.) they know that lying would not help me further my writing career. So far he's had only great comments, some of which had me looking at the manuscript differently, realizing that I'd created Lucy in a way that I hadn't even realized.
I always worry with my writing that there's too much dialogue. It's just that when I write it's a movie in my head. I pause every few seconds and furiously type what I just saw happen and sometimes the dialogue is more important than what's going on around the characters or even what the characters are doing. So the dialogue adds up. But what Robby has said, about my imagery, assures me that I didn't overdo it with the dialogue.
It's funny. I write a story because a character nags at the back of my head until I can't stand it any longer and then I write the story for me, hoping that someone else might enjoy it too. But with Robby's review of "Summer at Nineteen" I realized that other people could really understand what I thought only I would see in the characters. And that is amazing to me. It gives me hope that perhaps there is a future in writing for me. I guess we'll just wait and see, won't we.
Happy Hump Day!


  1. robby is purdy random.

    your fifteen? no your not. i cant even do my laundry and im fifteen.

    great blog. cant wait for your books :)

  2. Dannie, you know you love me.
    And STEPHANIE, you know I love you. Thank you.


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