Friday, January 22, 2010

Procrastination: 101

I know, I know. I should have finished this second book MONTHS ago, after all I started it with a flourish last December. And then I kept saying to myself, no rush - you can finish it next month. But months kept passing and it's been a year now. And yes, "Summer At Nineteen" did take me five years to finish from conception to the final edit but that's because I was unmotivated and young when I started writing and there was that whole college thing in there too. But I'm twenty-six now and I know what could potentially (in my wildest dreams) happen if I just finish writing this darn book and start again with the whole query-letter business.
It's not that I'm unmotivated. Or that I'm uber busy. I'm just lazy. And it's hard to look forward to staring at a computer screen (even if it's to write a book that you're in love with) when your eyes have been going blurry from staring at one all day. And so, it's been a year of writing once or twice a week (sometimes less).
So here it is. I'm setting an official end date and stating it publicly so that I have to just hop to and finish it. February 14th - I will be done. Mind you, this is the first draft. But I'm not particularly fond of editing and so I've been going back every few months and doing a minor edit, this way my second draft won't be that much different. So there it is. I have three weeks to wrap up this story that keeps me awake at night and filters into my mind throughout the day. If I put my mind to it I could finish it by next weekend but let's not get drastic, there's a lot on my dvr that I need to catch up on. Here I go...


Bug helping me work on the never-ending yet to be titled novel.

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