Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Cove

I promise to keep this blog book/writing based but I just had to make one non-literary mention. It will be brief, I promise. Last night Netflix sent me the long-awaited and highly anticipated: The Cove. I had wanted to see it in theatres (had practically been counting down till it was released) but didn't think any of my friends would be interested and I'm too chicken to go solo to a theatre. So last night I curled up with Bug & Beans and spent an hour and a half completely engrossed. This movie is absolutely political, but it concerns not only the animal activists of the world but you too. I won't go further into it, because I'll end up writing pages and pages and it'll turn into a rant. I am so passionate about this cause because I care about our planet and I want my grandchildren to experience everything I have been able to. But also, I think what the Japanese do under cover of a cove in the small fishing town of Taiji is horrific in every sense. So watch the movie. It's absolutely amazingly done and you won't regret it. I mean, it has won so many awards that we can't all be wrong, right?


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